The Police are summarizing that last night’s murder of an 11 year old girl, Taysha Hughes, in Central Kingston is linked to the shooting of a don in the area.

News reaching our offices are that the police were processing a crime scene where a 12 year old boy and the don were shot when they were summoned to the next crime scene where the 11 year old girl was killed.

Upon arriving at the scene, the police saw the body of the girl along with three grown men laying on the ground, suffering from gunshot wounds.

One of the men, identified as 26-year-old Richard Allen otherwise called ‘Finey’, was wearing a mask, the police said.

Reports are that the girl was reportedly among three men standing on Fleet Street, when they were attacked by masked gunmen.

The police speculate that Allen was one of the attackers and was shot by his cronies 

 The injured parties were taken to hospital where Allen and Taysha were pronounced dead and the others admitted for treatment. The 12-year-old boy from the earlier incident also remains in hospital.


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