The Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) is this afternoon receiving public backlash after using the allegedly mentally-ill brother of Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate for South Eastern St Mary, Dr Norman Dunn, on its campaign trail.

“Certain elements in the PNP went to Castleton and dug up a man who is mentally unstable … and brought him on a political platform to give endorsement to the opposing party then left him on the side of the road with no food to eat and nowhere to stay,” Dr Dunn’s sister, Elise Dunn, said in a Facebook post that has been making rounds on social media.

In a video being circulated, the man, said to be Dunn’s brother, David, can be seen at a PNP gathering endorsing the Opposition.

“I am a Rasta man and I-and-I never switch from PNP party. I-and-I preach love and unity and I-an- I never hear my brother (Dr Norman Dunn) preach love and unity,” he says in the video. “I am for my people and my people know me that I don’t tell lie and I don’t deal with trickery. I am a Rasta man and I talk the truth every time“.

The man in the video added that he did not come to criticize his brother because they are one blood and had the same mother and father, “but my brother don’t have any love, so I can’t trod wid him,” he was heard saying to the cheering crowd.

“I hear the Labourite party talking about progress, prosperity and all those things. I never see them a deal with prosperity from I-and-I born in 1967. I never see prosperity in Jamaica under a Labourite government,” he said.

Dunn’s sister, Elise, in making her post claimed she initially wanted to stay away from the political commentary and involvement because of her career, but added that what the PNP did was really hurting her.

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