Exchanges of goodwill for the holiday season at yesterday’s monthly meeting of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) council meeting were brought to an abrupt end when two councillors from opposing political parties engaged in a nasty, prolonged tracing match over alleged political misdeeds.

Deputy Mayor Winston Ennis, who was chairing the meeting when Councillor Susan Senior (JLP, Norbrook Division) and Councillor Kari Douglas (PNP, Trafalgar Division) clashed, described the incident as the “worst behaviour I have seen in my 14 years as a councillor”.

The clash erupted after a sotto voce remark by Councillor Duane Smith (JLP, Chancery Hall Division).

Senior and Douglas then loudly traded insults and attempts by fellow councillors to quiet them failed.

Senior eventually left the meeting, after which Councillor Dennis Gordon (PNP, Maxfield Park Division) asked Ennis to have Senior return to the meeting and retract her statement that the “PNP were killing people”.

“It is unbecoming to suggest I am part of a criminal network. I am requesting a copy of the transcript and I will deal with it accordingly,” Gordon said.

Ennis, who agreed that Senior’s remark about the PNP was unfortunate, said he would ask her to return to the meeting and withdraw the remark.

When Senior did not return to the meeting, Ennis said, “We will write to the member and ask her to withdraw the remark.”

“Things have sunk to a new low and I am disappointed,” Ennis said.

After the council meeting ended, Senior returned to the chamber, at which time she and Douglas again traded insults.

It was the last meeting of the council for 2017

Source: Jamaica Observer

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