A Fifty-seven-year-old taxi operator by the name of Calvast Blake otherwise called Carl of Bucks Haven, May Pen, Clarendon was shot and killed, while two women were injured in the same incident last night at about 8 p.m. in Mahogany Glades, Bushy Park.

According to the police, the driver was operating when two women and two men entered the vehicle.

The men requested a turn off and upon leaving the vehicle, men rushed out the bushes and opened fire into he car.

Blake was hit multiple times in the upper body, while the women sustained injuries to their legs.

In his attempt to escape from the shooters, Blake attempted to reverse the vehicle but lost control and it crashed into a gully.

The gunmen escaped on foot. The police were summoned and the injured persons were taken to hospital where Blake was pronounced dead and the women treated and admitted.

In other news, A Clarendon businessman, who engaged two would-be robbers in a fire fight, was fatally shot at a pub in Sandy Bay in the parish yesterday.

A second patron of the bar, a 23-year-old chef, was also shot in the incident.

According to police reports, about 3:15 p.m. 63-year-old Derrick ‘Baller’ Mitchell was among patrons in the bar when two armed men entered and started making demands.

Mitchell, a licensed firearm holder who operated a business in Tollgate in the parish, engaged the men and a shoot-out ensued.

When the shooting ended Mitchell was seen with a gunshot wound to his chest while the other man was shot on his right index finger.

They were taken to hospital where Mitchell was pronounced dead and the chef treated and released.

The police are continuing their search for the gunmen who escaped in a white Nissan Tiida motor car.

Mitchell’s firearm was recovered by the police.

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